Our Top 5 Favorite Slime YouTubers

Our Top 5 Favorite Slime YouTubers

Slime skyrocketed to fame as a trendy toy and stress reliever thanks in large part to social media influencers and youtubers showcasing what we love about it! If you’ve never lost track of time binging soothing slime videos — you’re missing out! Even if you don’t have a fun and squishy slime of your own on hand you can still benefit from the relaxing aspects of playing with it by watching all the glorious stretching, swirling, and popping on video. These are our personal favorite slime channels you can check out on YouTube: 

Izabela Stress
8.31M subscribers

Izabela Stress makes nearly daily DIY slime videos for you to enjoy. Her specialty is mixing a ton of ingredients into her slime concoctions as well as mixing different types of slime together. Oftentimes she ends up with huge batches to knead and play with and her videos are always satisfying!

Tom Slime
8.03M subscribers

The self-proclaimed home of Giant Toothpaste Slime, Giant Fluffy Slime, and Giant Floam Slime — Tom Slime has been making videos since 2016 and usually uploads twice a day. Videos from this channel are visually striking with strong colors and themes that draw you in and keep you hooked!

Hong Giang DIY Slime
7.02M subscribers

If you can’t get enough of Tom Slime you can get even more similarly satisfying videos on their associated channel — Hong Giang DIY Slime. Check out their versus videos where they choose two colors to feature and mix together to watch the slime change. 

Talisa Tossell
2.12M subscribers

We love Talisa Tossell for her tantalizing food slime videos. She combines different types of slime and toppings to make slimy creations that look good enough to eat. You won’t believe how real each sweet treat looks — until she squishes them and kneads everything together! Talisa uploads once a week. 

Will It Slime?
1.87M subscribers

Will It Slime? is our favorite channel for DIY slime. They test loads of different recipes and try out various viral sliming techniques to debunk myths and offer you the best tutorials for making and fixing slime at home. New videos come out once or twice a week for slime-lovers to enjoy!

Well — are you ready to start chilling out with some of these slime videos? We’re always looking for more awesome channels to follow. Who are YOUR favorite slime YouTubers? Let us know in the comments below!

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