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Playing with Different Slime Textures

While you’ve probably seen the obsession with slime all over the internet, you’ve likely been confused about what exactly slime is and what it’s used for. Slime can be satisfying in many different ways. Whether you like the smooth and slick feel of a thick and glossy slime or prefer the crunchy, moldable squish of a floam slime, there is sure to be a slime for you!

Different Slime Textures

Slime Obsidian offers ten different types of slime for your enjoyment! Determining the type of slime that is best for you depends on what sensory experience you want. 

Floam: Fluffy and stretchy texture with polystyrene beads that make it moldable and crunchy.

Slushee & Icee: Silky and fluffy slime with faux snow additive that makes it appear like an icy frozen beverage.

Cloud: Super stretchy and fluffy slime that holds shape and will expand as you stretch it.

Jelly & Clear: Thick, translucent slime that is extra stretchy and gooey.

Thick & Glossy: Like Cloud slime, it’s a stretchy and fluffy slime that can hold shape and expands when you stretch it!

How to Play with Slimes 

There’s no proper way to play with slime. It’s all about just having fun and doing whatever is most satisfying to you. 

The Swirl: This is a classic pro move! Begin by stretching and folding the slime in half until lines form down the length of the slime. Next, holding it from the height, start coiling the slime down into a spiral onto your palm or on a flat surface. Now you have a gorgeous, picture-perfect slime swirl! You can do this move with any texture of slime, but the cloud and frosting/butter slimes create the best swirl, showcasing the immaculate detail of the shape.

Poking: This is a popular way to play with slime because it’s a simple move! Lay your slime on a flat surface and just plunge your fingers deep into the slime. The joy of this exercise is feeling the slime expand to surround your fingers and gazing at the indents left behind when you pull your fingers away. Poking is fun with any slime texture, but it works especially well with fluffy and moldable slimes like floam, frosting/butter, cloud, and icee slimes.

Stretching & Folding: This satisfying motion is similar to kneading, as edges of the mass of slime are pulled, pinched, and folded into the middle of the blob. Reshape the slime and begin folding again. You can try this maneuver with elastic style slimes, such as clear and jelly slimes. Thick and glossy slimes are great for this as well.

Squeezing & Popping: It’s another pro move that can work great with any of our textures! First, start out with building some air bubbles into the slime by stretching and folding. Next, give it a squeeze and listen to all those bubbles pop! We love the way chunky slimes add that extra crunch sound when you squish it. Try this exercise with our White Glue Slushee Slime!

No matter how you choose to play with it, soft, stretchable slime will undoubtedly keep your attention for hours! Not only does playing with slime aid in child development, it can also remind adults to be mindful and relax. Go grab your favorite slime texture and have fun!