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How to Use Slime at your Kid’s Next Birthday Party

Struggling to plan a fun birthday party for your little one? We have the mess-free and fun solution for you… slime, slime and more slime! Click here to find out how you can feature slime at your child’s next birthday party!

How To Make Cloud Slime

Everyone loves a super drizzly cloud slime! Cloud slime is made with instant snow powder that has been hydrated to an exact measurement to ensure a smooth drizzly cloud effect. What if we told you that you could make your own cloud slime at home? We’ve got the ingredients you’ll need and...

How To Make Slime At Home

Learn how to make various kinds of slime with household ingredients.

How To Make Slime At Home

Making slime at home is probably easier than you thought! Many of the supplies and ingredients needed to make slime are common household items. Make sure to wash your hands before and after making your slime and playing with it. Use vinegar as a cleaning solution to wipe away the...