Yoshi Cubes

Texture: Jelly Cube

Scent: Unscented

Level: Intermediate

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All orders come with a care packet which includes activator powder and an instruction card. If slime arrives sticky, follow directions on care card. Slime should not be played with by children under the age of 7, or without adult supervision. Keep slime away from pets, infants, furniture, and clothes. NOTE: All slimes are made using a diluted borax solution.

Customer Reviews

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great texture and i love the charms


Really sticky- even with activator. The cubes also fell apart really fast. But the color is gorgeous and it makes nice bubble pops.


As a huge fan of the Yoshi character in the Mario games I like really anything about the character, also I wanted to try Slime Obsidian for awhile now after watching their videos.
But other than that the slime was pretty good quality, I really liked it.


Okay, dissasembled to fast, dissipated too fadt

Give it a lil time~!

Okay so this is my first slime order. I got Yoshi Cubes, Fruity Pebbles Frosting and a random one (happened to be Space Ice Cream! Yummers)

After a few hours of playing with it here and there, using about 4 1/2 spoons of the activator/water mixture, i was soo worried i overactivated it! But nope. Been playing with it more and more bc i remember seeing that's good to do and VOILA. It is. Mwah.
Also kinda has like... a cucumber smell? I personally adore it! It says its unscented and maybe that's just what SO's is like, but I likee ittt.

So yes! Don't freak if you gotta use activator but just remember to stick (hehe) it through, because as much as I do think the frosting textures are more my jam, this is pretty darn nice!