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Pink Moon Icee

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  • Texture: Icee
  • Scent: a blend of - Lemon Sugar, Sweet Candy, W/ Floral Notes
  • Volume: 7oz
  • Container: Screw Top


Keep away from furniture, carpets, clothes, and pets as slime can get stuck on them. Slime is NOT edible! Do not Consume. If you think you may be allergic to household items such as shaving cream, glue, cornstarch, lotion, scented oils, or borax do not purchase. PLEASE PROVIDE YOUR CORRECT ADDRESS. If Package ships to wrong address/ get lost during shipment, there is nothing i can do. Keep Extra candy Away from those younger than 5 years old. During Summer slimes can melt due to the heat during shipping, when package arrives slowly open to see if it melted, and if it did, follow the directions on the care sheet so that the slime is perfect to play with.