The fascination with slime has become increasingly popular over the last few years. With communities of slime lovers gathering on Instagram to watch hours of slime videos, the obsession is just getting started. The satisfying sounds, shapes, colors, and textures of slime are extremely mesmerizing, and because of this, has been shown to help relieve anxiety. 

In this new world, we’re living in due to the global health crisis, people have been more stressed than ever. While slime is known for being a children’s toy, adults will find that playing with slime helps soothe any anxious or stressful thoughts. Mental health is crucial to our well-being, and chronic stress can have long-term consequences for our physical health. Engaging in “playtime” gives us interrupted time for indulging in pleasurable, creative exploration.

The reason why slime is so captivating is because playing with slime is a sensory experience. Sensory experiences engage all your five senses. These sensory experiences help you become more aware of how those senses work in your body, become more mindful, and focus on something other than yourself and your worries. 

For someone with anxiety, slime isn’t a miracle solution, but it’s surely a start to improving their cognition. If the person is nervous about something that will happen in a few days, they could begin to play with the slime and could become more focused on that sensory activity than their actual stressors, therefore reducing their symptoms. The tactile sensation of feeling the slime move throughout your fingers acts as a meditation to create a temporary distraction from stressors so you can regroup and be better equipped to handle said stressors.

Slime is stimulating, so the physical act of squishing it becomes an immersive experience that puts us in a state of flow - the mental state where someone is fully engaged and focused on the activity. Playing with slime can also provide some neurological benefits, such as releasing endorphins - our body’s natural sedatives, pain relievers, and mood boosters. The squeezing action allows your hands to contract and relax, and repeating this calming action releases any tension in the muscles and stimulates nerves connected to the brain.

The physical action of squeezing, stretching, folding, or poking slime creates a popping or slurping noise that can cause even more relaxation! It’s similar to ASMR (autonomous sensory meridian response), which triggers a tingling sensation that travels from your scalp to the back of your neck down to the base of your spine. 

Slime helps bring many soothing and calming feelings to people suffering from chronic stress and anxiety. Slime Obsidian offers a multitude of different slimes that can be used for stress relief. From jelly slime to frosting slime, we’ve got it all. Shop our line of exclusive slimes on our website and experience the euphoric sensation of playing with slime!

September 01, 2020