How we started.

Slime Obsidian started out in the garage of Jacob Karram's parents' home in 2017. Then only 16 years old, Jacob started an instagram account to show the slimes he started experimenting with. A year later, the social following had grown faster than he could imagine (to over 200k) and he started selling his creations.

The demand kept growing and the new releases would sell out within 10 minutes!

Years later Slime Obsidian is operating in a new warehouse with over 1M followers.


What does the future of Slime Obsidian look like?

I want to continue to grow Slime Obsidian and show people how much fun this product is. I think a lot of people make assumptions about slime and think it’s that sticky green stuff they see on TV. But the more you look into it, you see how much more intricate each slime is, whether it’s from the texture, scent, color, or even sprinkles.