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Why Even Your Grandparents Will Love Slime

Slime isn’t only just for the kids these days. Bright colors, different textures, and sweet scents can be loved by virtually anyone, even your grandparents! Slime possesses many benefits, from stress relief to the beneficial effects of ASMR on your brain. Dive into the many reasons why slime is for everyone. 

A Complete Slimer’s Gift Guide

Looking for the perfect gift for the ultimate slime lover in your life? Look no further! From character slimes to food-inspired slimes, we have just what you need to give the most memorable gift ever. Dive into all of our slimes and how to determine which to purchase for your...

Satisfying ASMR Sound Guide for Different Slime Textures

From pops to snaps and the occasional crackle, slime is full of sounds! ASMR is an autonomous sensory meridian response to sounds created by different items. It’s no surprise people spend countless hours watching and listening to every stretch and pull of slime videos. The best part? Different textures -...

The Best Slime Add-Ins

We have compiled a list of the BEST slime add-ins to assist you on your next Slime Obsidian shopping spree!

The Psychology Behind Different Colors of Slime

Did you know that even the color of an object you purchase - whether it’s a new slime or a new car - can reveal a lot about your personality! Keep reading to learn about the psychology behind different colors of slime, and how playing with each one can make...

How to Use Slime at your Kid’s Next Birthday Party

Struggling to plan a fun birthday party for your little one? We have the mess-free and fun solution for you… slime, slime and more slime! Click here to find out how you can feature slime at your child’s next birthday party!

Why Slime is Not Only For Kids but for Adults Too

You might think slime is just for kids, but did you know this stretchy putty can help you on your #adulting journey? It’s not just a fun “toy” to play with; slime has so many benefits you can take advantage of as you navigate throughout the day, even at work!...

Sensory Benefits Behind Aromatherapy-Scented Slimes

Aromatherapy has countless benefits - but what if you could take advantage of these while playing with some stretchy, super fun, scented slime? Learn about the benefits of aromatherapy-scented slime! 

What Slime Fits Your Personality?

No matter your personality type, we have the perfect slime for you! Find out which slime fits you the best here!

Slime for Neurodivergent Children

There is no denying the many benefits of slime… But what about children who may observe & explore the world through a different sensory lens? Read more to find out how they interact with and benefit from this highly stimulating and squishy phenomenon.

Slime 101: A Complete Guide to Slime

For all of our new slimers out there, you might have a few questions on how to get started with your first Slime Obsidian purchase. We’ve put together this guide to give you all the details you need to become a slime expert.

New Year, Less Stress

The start of a new year is the perfect chance to begin building new habits and taking steps to improve your overall well being. Learn more about how playing with slime can help relieve stress and encourage your inner sense of calm. 

How To Make Your Slime Last

When we buy slime we want it to last forever. Unfortunately it won, but we can make it last as long as we can! We have some helpful tips you can do to help keep your slime around a little longer for you to enjoy. 

5 Reasons Why Kids Should Use Slime

Parents should let their kids play with slime for the mental health and motor development benefits.

10 Interesting Facts About Slime

You’ve probably seen satisfying slime videos before and enjoy watching them, but are you aware of the many benefits that slime has to offer? Here's 10 interesting facts about slime you probably didn't know.

Slime Therapy: Relieving Anxiety with Slime

The fascination with slime has become increasingly popular over the last few years. With communities of slime lovers gathering on Instagram to watch hours of slime videos, the obsession is just getting started. The satisfying sounds, shapes, colors, and textures of slime are extremely mesmerizing, and because of this, has...