Fall themed background with floating slimes

Fall Slime Guide

Thanks to the popularity of ASMR, slimes are more popular than ever today. These incredible products allow the user to experience various textures and sounds to induce relaxation and encourage calmness.


Check out these perfect fall-themed slimes and find some that celebrate the season and make experimenting with various types more fun than ever.



October 26, 2021
Why Even Your Grandparents Will Love Slime

Why Even Your Grandparents Will Love Slime

Slime isn’t only just for the kids these days. Bright colors, different textures, and sweet scents can be loved by virtually anyone, even your grandparents! Slime possesses many benefits, from stress relief to the beneficial effects of ASMR on your brain. Dive into the many reasons why slime is for everyone. 

July 22, 2021