Slime isn’t only just for the kids these days. Bright colors, different textures, and sweet scents can be loved by virtually anyone, even your grandparents! Slime possesses many benefits, from stress relief to the beneficial effects of ASMR on your brain. Dive into the many reasons why slime is for everyone. 

Bright Colors and Sweet Scents: Every one of our slimes comes in bright colors and bursts full of scents - but of course, we offer unscented slimes too for those who are sensitive to fragrances. The colors and smells not only are enjoyable to experience but can aid in helping with sensory skills. Touch, smell, and sight all can be engaged when it comes to our signature slimes! Engaging the eyes by searching for the charms that are mixed in, smelling the aromatic scents, and even squishing and pulling new textures. Try some peach cubes for a burst of scent and texture, that is sure to engage your senses! 

Textures for Everyone: We carry so many different textures of slimes, we frequently hear people telling us what their favorite texture is and we love that! From something more crunchy to a soft pillowy pull, our textures are sure to make even the strictest grandparent smile! The textures in slime can help strengthen hands, and even help relieve tension in hands if they are looking to improve function. A soft pillowy pull can help get hands moving in a low impact way, while crunchy climes can aid in extra movement and strengthening of the hands. When it comes to enjoying our slime, we recommend taking a dabble in each and every texture! From cubes to glimmer slimes we know that a new feel is sure to excite! 

Getting Creative: For just about anyone, any age let them take the reigns and create something they will love and feel like is their own. Our DIY sets are perfect for getting creative all while enjoying a quality slime. Engage your mind while playing with the slime and putting together these DIY sets can help your brain think, process information better, and be sharp.  With fun scents, and textures they can take the time to mix and match and create something of their own! Some of our DIY sets, boast charms and sweet scents that are sure to help get their creative juices flowing. 

ASMR Dream: ASMR or autonomous sensory meridian response, has been known to help relieve stress and anxiety in people of all ages. Our slime is known to help indulge in all kinds of ASMR goodness. With our jelly slimes that squish and sploosh, or a fizz slime that allows for hours of scented pulls. You will surely indulge in any grandparent’s stress release. 

Help your grandparents dive into all of the fun that slime has to offer. From ASMR stress relief to letting their creativity soar. See just how much fun they can really have with our infamous slimes!