Looking for the perfect gift for the ultimate slime lover in your life? Look no further! From character slimes to food-inspired slimes, we have just what you need to give the most memorable gift ever. Dive into all of our slimes and how to determine which to purchase for your slime lover today! 

Colors and Scents: Every one of our slimes comes in bright colors and bursts full of scents - but of course, we offer unscented slimes too for those who are sensitive to fragrances. Take a moment and think about your slime lover. Do they prefer fruity scents like peach or something tastier like honey butter toast? You can find a wide variety of scents and “flavors” in our collection to ensure your slime fanatic gets something they love. When it comes to colors, take a moment to think if a more solid color is what they would like, or something more see-through and ultraviolet. No matter if it’s rainbow or bright purple we have a slime that is sure to put a smile on their face when they open the best gift, slime!

Charms and Characters: Have a frappucino fan? What about a unicorn fanatic? Our slimes proudly boast charms that can relate to any slime lover’s favorites. Different textures and colors complement every charm we include in our slimes. From a mermaid dream to the perfect scoop of mint ice cream we love to incorporate your slimer’s favorite things into our products to create a one-of-a-kind experience. 

The Perfect Texture: We frequently hear people telling us what their favorite texture of slime is, from something more crunchy to a soft pillowy pull, our textures are a slimer’s dream. Knowing what they enjoy can help you give the absolute best gift ever. With each different texture comes a different sound and feeling that can transform a slimer’s day. Our glimmers slimes are not only enjoyable to look at, but stretch and take in all the sounds. Take a moment to explore all of our slime textures and find the perfect one for your slime lover today. 

DIY Sets: For the slimer in your life, let them take the reigns and create something they will love and feel like is their own. Our DIY sets are perfect for getting creative all while enjoying a quality slime. With fun scents, and textures they can take the time to mix and match and create something of their own! Some of our DIY sets, boast charms and sweet scents that are sure to help get their creative juices flowing. 

Whether you are finding a perfect colored slime or something textured and full of personality, we’ve got just the right slime to gift to your slimer. From characters and charms to the perfect scent they will want to smell repeatedly, we can help you find a gift that will keep on giving.