From pops to snaps and the occasional crackle, slime is full of sounds! ASMR is an autonomous sensory meridian response to sounds created by different items. It’s no surprise people spend countless hours watching and listening to every stretch and pull of slime videos. The best part? Different textures - every texture we produce in our slimes offers a different sound and experience. Let’s dive into the different ASMR sounds you can find in our textures. 

Cube Slimes: 

Similar to our most popular slimes, our cubes slimes offer the pop and crack that people enjoy. Gently pushing and pulling the cubes apart is not only satisfying to watch but even better to listen to. Add in our signature charms, and you have a slime that will snap, crackle and pop. Take a moment to enjoy all that cube slimes have to offer by taking a break in your day and doing some ASMR therapy.

Glimmer Slimes: 

Fun to pull apart and squish together to hear the gentle, yet relaxing crunch our glimmer slimes are pretty popular. With the texture of the beads mixed in, you will get an ASMR-worthy sound in combination with the beads no matter which way you squish it. Whether you prefer to squish in your fingers or squeeze them tight, our glimmer slimes are the perfect ASMR for you. 

Jelly Slimes: 

The most common texture out there is our jelly slime. Easy to play with, and full of ASMR sounds. From pops to snaps and even glugs you can create a lot of different sounds with this slime. Pull it apart, braid it back together and snap it together to hear some unique sounds that are sure to put you in a trance. See for yourself why people enjoy the stress-relieving sounds of our jelly slimes

Crunch Slimes: 

With our signature crunch slimes, we combined two different textures to create a micro floam feeling. Satisfying little pops and crunches as you pull and push this slime will have anyone’s ASMR interest. Combining it with our signature charms just adds that much more to our favorite crunch sound. 

DIY Slimes: 

Not only do we offer DIY Slimes, but our duo sets offer some fun ASMR sounds. From mixing them together and combining the textures to snapping them apart to reveal the charms inside, each of these slimes provides unique sounds. When it comes to our DIY slime kits not only do you get to mix all sorts of colors but textures as well. With each different texture comes a different sound you can enjoy. 

Take a moment to indulge in the relaxing and satisfying sounds of slime ASMR. We offer a variety of products that make a number of different sounds and offer different textures for everyone to enjoy. Whether you are a full-time slime enthusiast or just getting into the world of slime ASMR we invite you to try it for yourself.