Have you ever been more drawn to buying one slime over another? Could that be because of the color? Or perhaps maybe the texture or scent? What about the add-ins!? We have compiled a list of the BEST slime add-ins to assist you on your next Slime Obsidian shopping spree! 


Our DIY Slime Sets are designed with your creativity in mind! What separates our slimes from the rest is your ability to be whatever you want with your imagination when you play! Feel like a pastry chef for the day, with our DIY Birthday Cake or DIY Cinnamon Roll Donut Slime and decorate your slimy treats anyway you’d like with this super sweet add-in!


Also included in our DIY sets, are our moldable slime collections. Slimes such as our DIY Sweet Dreams and DIY Orange Creamsicle feature moldable clays that you can stretch, shape, and pull to your heart’s desire! With these awesome add-ins, you can shape the clay into any styled-topper you want, and ultimately mix it in with the rest of the base! 


The perfect “cherry” on top to a few of our slimes could possibly turn out to be a...blackberry!? That’s what you’ll find added on top of our Blackberry Cheesecake Slime! Another popular charm is a miniature waffle that can be found added on to our Waffle Cone Ice Cream Slime! Slime tip: You can mix and match all of these collectable charms into your existing slime collections for even more custom slime fun!


Start your morning the right way- by playing with our breakfast-inspired slimes! Bursting full of “cereal” and “milk” our Captain Crunch & Fruit Loops slimes are sure to give you a great start to your day with their exciting cereal style add-ins. Plus, they give such a unique texture to those who especially love textured slimes!


They’re the holy grail of all slime add-ins… and can be found in almost every one of our slimes! If you are a fan of fruity slimes, you’ll love our Watermelon Gummy Fizz slime or our Mango Whip slime topped with sprinkles of the same name. If you love to game as much as you do slime, be sure to check out our Kirby Whip or Pikachu Fizz slime! When it comes to sprinkles, the possibilities are endless! We are constantly creating new additions to our slime collection, which means new sprinkles too! Keep your eyes out for more fun slimes to come & keep sliming!