The psychology behind different colors is often referred to as colorology. What is colorology, you may ask? In a general sense, it is the multitude of theories behind the feelings each color evokes, and why. Additionally, these feelings actually vary across all countries and cultures. There are a wide range of effects colors can have on our minds; from evoking feelings of excitement, to sadness, and everything in between! Did you know that even the color of an object you purchase - whether it’s a new slime or a new car - can reveal a lot about your personality! Keep reading to learn about the psychology behind different colors of slime, and how playing with each one can happen to make you feel differently from the next.

Red Slime: stimulates feelings of love, passion, power, excitement, and energy! Whether you get excited opening a new slime for the first time, or just really LOVE slime, the psychology behind this colored slime is definitely a strong and powerful one!

Orange Slime: yields feelings of enthusiasm, attention, energy, and happiness! It is often incorporated in advertising because people have described it as bright, happy, and uplifting. No wonder why our DIY Honey Butter Toast is such a best-seller!

Yellow Slime: inspires warmth, brightness, energy, and attention! The psychology  behind this cheery color stimulates people to feel motivated, productive, and happy. Keep this in mind the next time you require a much-needed slime break to refresh your thoughts throughout the day!

Green Slime: evokes many different moods including feeling lucky, calm, and/or safe! It is a cool color that encourages serenity because it symbolizes nature. While all of our slimes can promote feelings of relaxation, we suggest our Kiwi Cubes for extra slimy fun!

Blue Slime: promotes feelings of productivity, stability, and calmness! This cool-hued color is labeled as reliable and often used in marketing to build loyalty. We are so confident that you will love our slimes, that we are constantly adding new blue ones to our collection during our slime drops!

Purple Slime: induces feelings of wealth, royalty, imagination, and mystery! This has to be the explanation for our Ultraviolet & Deathly Hallows slimes always selling out! We want all of our slimers to feel like royalty when squeezing and stretching this magnificent hue!

Pink Slime: gives us all the warm fuzzy feelings! Calmness, kindness, and nurturing - just to name a few. Typically associated with love and romance, it’s no wonder why our pink slimes are so loved by all! If you haven't gotten your hands on our Kirby Whip slime, we recommend adding it to your collection!

Keep in mind, your response to the colors above is dependent upon your own personal experiences and cultural influences! Color associations are definitely not universal though! We recommend giving each Slime Obsidian color a try to see how your mind responds! Happy sliming!