Parents, we know having to plan a birthday party every year is a bit stressful, and coming up with new and fun activities is a challenge! We’re here to rescue you and ensure that your little one’s birthday party is as memorable as it is exciting! 

DIY Slime Without the Mess

Kids go crazy for slime, so why not plan a slime themed party? If you’re worried about the mess involved with making slime, we have a solution that you’ll love! The Slime Obsidian Slime Sets come prepped and ready for assembly, and you won’t have to stress about the mess of mixing (or even spilling) ingredients. The kids will love mixing the textures together and adding the unique charms that come with the set! Plus, the slimes have a wide variety of fun scents they’ll swoon over. However, if you have little ones that are sensitive to scents, we also have unscented slimes! Everyone will feel like a slime master and you won’t need to worry about cleaning up the aftermath!

Fun Games with an Even Cooler Prize

The little ones will love a little friendly competition with a fun surprise! There’s so many games you can play, but what can you give the winner? The answer is… SLIME! Here’s some fun birthday party games everyone will love:

  • Giant Jenga
  • Cornhole
  • Limbo
  • Scavenger Hunt
  • Egg or Water Balloon Toss
  • Three-Legged Race 
  • Tug of War

You can give the winner an individual slime, a slime set, or even a slime bundle! Slime Obsidian has so many options your guests will go crazy for.

A Stretchy, Scented Party Favor that isn’t Candy!

Tired of boring goody bags that include candy and toys that’ll only be used once? Slime is the perfect alternative, and the kids won’t be the only ones who are excited! The parents will thank you for helping them avoid the sugar rush that comes with a bag full of candy. Giving your guests slime will not just be an entertaining activity they can enjoy, but it’ll also have so many benefits!

Hosting a fun birthday party comes with its challenges, but you can solve so many of them with slime! No matter how you decide to incorporate slime into your child’s next birthday party, everyone will leave feeling like it’s their birthday too! Check out our website to see which slimes and slime sets your kids and their friends will love at the next party!