You might think slime is just for kids, but did you know this stretchy putty can help you on your #adulting journey? It’s not just a fun “toy” to play with-- slime has so many benefits you can take advantage of as you navigate throughout the day, even at work! Adulting can be hard, but slime is here to make your days a little better (and more fun!)

Work-related Stress?

Bored or stressed at work? Maybe a little fidgety? One of the best ways to relax and relieve stress is… can you guess? Yep, SLIME! Every stretch and squeeze of your slime will aid in alleviating anxiety and helping you stay composed. Whether you WFH, or in an office-setting, our slimes come in the perfect size to fit right into your desk drawer, so you can use it whenever you may be feeling a little overwhelmed throughout the day. Or perhaps you have been in the work zone for too long and need a quick mental break or refresh with something to play with instead of staring at a screen for hours on end! As an added bonus, aromatherapy-scented slimes have additional benefits you can reap while you’re at the office, or virtually anywhere! 

Trying to quit a bad habit?

Have you noticed yourself fidgeting in a distracting or maybe unsightly manner lately? For example, twirling your hair while talking, or perhaps cracking your knuckles? Motions like these can be so subconscious that you might not even realize you’re doing it unless someone points it out! Sometimes it’s difficult to quit habits like these, and one of the best methods to overcome them is by distracting yourself with something else. Slime can be one of those distractions! For example, you can replace an unsightly habit such as biting your nails, by playing with your slime instead! The many different textures and scents will make it fun to keep your mind off habits you’re trying to halt. Plus, the fun sounds that slimes make are super satisfying and will keep you entertained and distracted from the behavior you want to break. Remember, it only takes 30 days to make or break one! Check out our site to explore the endless combinations of fun slime colors, textures and scents!

Content Creator? 

Speaking of satisfying sounds, slime is perfect for content creation if you’re in the influencer industry, or thinking of breaking into it! ASMR videos are all the rave right now across YouTube, Instagram, and TikTok, and our slimes can help take your content to the next level! Give your viewers what they want; and stretch, pull, squeeze, and crackle to your ASMR-heart’s desire! We recommend utilizing a microphone too! You can check out some of our favorite and most-popular ASMR videos here. Get sliming!


March 23, 2021