Slime—delightfully gooey, slippery, stress-relieving slime. What’s not to like? Well, perhaps the usual green and greasy appearance of most slime can be off-putting. But with Slime Obsidian, you get all the benefits of slime in many attractive packages. Our slime has fabulous colors, interesting textures, and all the extras you could want, including sprinkles. Our slime is sublime slime and is more than a step above the usual. Once you learn about our bases, you'll want to own all the varieties.

Our Slime Bases

Any slime is only as good as its ingredients. That's why we offer the latest in fun and fabulous slime bases—the mixture from which we build our products. This isn’t your usual slimy slime that comes in a plain gray container in the sale aisle. We offer a smorgasbord of slime options sure to meet your touch and auditory needs. Plus, they're what make slime fun for kids and adults. Get your collection started by choosing from the following Slime Obsidian bases:

  • Whipped - Like your slime on the lighter side? Choose Whipped. It’s fluffy, smooth, and easy to stretch for your entertainment or frustration release. Whipped cream has nothing on this slime base.
  • Crunchy - Do you like slime you can dig your hands into? Try Crunchy, a textured slime that makes the most satisfying crackling sounds. It also saves wear and tear on your knuckles.
  • Fizz - Want something on the lighter side? Try Fizz, an extremely airy slime with a bubbly consistency. It’s perfect for making light ASMR sounds that help get you through your day. Consider it the champagne of slime bases.
  • Icee -If you love the texture of slushies, then Icee is the slime for you. It feels just like those frozen treats with a cool, light, and snowy texture, but it won’t leave that sticky feel on your fingers. You can squish and stretch it at will.
  • Cloud Cream - Cloud Cream looks good enough to eat, but it’s meant to satisfy your hunger for moldable, stretchy slime. Save the ice cream for later: This light and versatile slime doesn’t add pounds to your frame. 
  • Cubes - Want your slime on the edgy side? Get some Cubes and pop and squish your way to a unique sensation. These foam cubes and air pockets give you all the cool sound effects you want and all the distraction that you need. 

    More Slime News

    Our bases are just the beginning. We have many varieties of slime and also provide custom slime concoctions. Our slime is versatile and delicious to look at and feel. Worried our slime will be sticky and not last long? Don’t. We include a care packet with every order that contains activator powder and an instruction card. If your slime becomes sticky, use them to restore it to the proper texture. Our slime is meant to last.

    Time for Slime

    Don't settle for bland, run-of-the-mill slime. Upgrade your slime experience to premium slime products that look delicious and give you superior textures and sounds. Check out our slime bases and other products at Slime Obsidian. You’ll find light, stretchy, popping varieties that will make you hungry for more slime action. They look like tasty treats for your tummy, but they are much more satisfying than food after a tough day at work or a long family dinner with irritating Uncle Fred. Order our unique slime now so you can soon sink your fingers into some real fun and stress relief.