If you haven't yet discovered the joys and benefits of either slime or ASMR, it's time you experienced both. The unique sounds created by manipulating slime not only provide great visceral satisfaction for many people, but they can even help lower heart rate and provide drug-free stress relief through their relaxing, spellbinding effects on the human nervous system.

What Is ASMR Anyway?

ASMR stands for autonomous sensory meridian response. If a particular sound has ever given you an oddly pleasurable tingling sensation that runs from your scalp down the back of your neck, you've experienced ASMR in action. Certain light sounds may provoke this response in those individuals who can sense them.

ASMR has enjoyed an enormous burst of popularity in recent years, thanks largely to all the videos devoted to it. You can find some 13 million ASMR videos on YouTube alone, with many of those videos racking up millions of views. A typical ASMR video may feature gentle sounds such as whispering, microphone brushing, scalp massage noises, and even the sounds of someone eating close to a microphone.

The Science Behind ASMR

The soothing effects of ASMR have genuine science behind them. Studies have shown that individuals who watch and listen to ASMR videos experience less sadness and stress. These individuals also feel either profound calm or a sense of positive excitement from ASMR.

One experiment monitored the vital signs of 110 people as they watched ASMR videos to determine exactly what physical and mental effects the experience had on them. The researchers monitored the participants' heart rates and skin conductivity levels while asking them to comment on the tingling sensations as they occurred. The results included an astounding detail: The participants' hearts beat at an average rate of 3.14 beats per minute slower during the ASMR experience than before or after viewing the videos.

These results show that ASMR can prove just as effective as meditation, music therapy, and other techniques commonly used to help lower heart rate and achieve a state of mindfulness. The relaxing effects of ASMR could therefore help people manage anxiety or depression. ASMR may also help insomnia sufferers fall asleep more quickly and enjoy deeper, more restful sleep.

Enjoy Slime ASMR at Home — and Share It Online!

Slime offers an especially wide range of soothing, stimulating ASMR sounds. From plopping it onto a surface to manipulating it with your hands, you can get squishing, fizzling, crunching, scratching, or tapping sounds out of different slime products. After some experimentation, you might find find that you prefer:

  • Crunch slimes that combine two different textures to produce crunching noises when manipulated.
  • Cube slimes that specialize in producing popping and cracking noises.
  • Jelly slimes that can make a variety of sounds depending on how you work with them.

The visual side of the experience can prove just as captivating as the aural results. As you slowly pull, stretch, squeeze, or knead the slime, you may feel a deep, meditative sense of peace and relaxation. You can get slime in different colors or even added sprinkles to enhance the visual "ride."

But of course you don't want to keep a good thing all to yourself. If you've discovered a truly amazing ASMR slime experience that lowers your heart rate and makes you feel calmer than you've ever felt in your life, you'll want to share it with the rest of the world. So why not take the same path taken by millions of others and make a video of your slime-based ASMR techniques and procedures? You can take part in an amazing new trend that offers legitimate health and wellness benefits for a society that could desperately use a non-pharmaceutical way to chill out, relax, and feel and function better.

If you're ready to give your heart and mind a welcome break from the world's chaos and stress, then you're ready to explore the world of slime ASMR. Browse Slime Obsidian's extensive line of slime products today!