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Top 10 Slime Add-Ins

They say variety is the spice of life — we think so too! So whether you’re making your own slime at home or buying it premade, you can still add some flair to it. There are tons of different options of items you can add into your slime to take it up a notch. Try one or try them all — with an endless possibility of combinations you’ll never get bored! We’ve compiled a list of our top favorite add-ins for your slime recipes — some to mix into the whole batch and some just to add on top. Check it out!


Additives that get fully incorporated into your slime to change the texture, look, and feel of the slime fall into this category. You can use these items to add a whole new dimension of mesmerizing enjoyment to your favorite slime! Let’s take a closer look at some of our favorites:

  1. Polystyrene Beads

Tiny beads made of polystyrene (or styrofoam) are added to floam style slime recipes to add texture and make the mixture moldable, crunchy, and kind of squeaky! 

  1. Faux Snow

To give your slime the icy look of a yummy frozen beverage add faux snow! This additive makes slime feel lighter and fluffier as well as adding a dazzling glisten.

  1. Iron Oxide Powder

Turn your slimy stress relief into a science experiment! If you’ve ever seen videos of globs of slime slowly swallowing big magnets, iron oxide is what made that fun trick possible. You can make magnetic slime by adding this powder to your mix — then unleash your blob on some magnets of your own!

  1. Thermochromic Pigment

Thermochromatic means that the color changes based on the temperature. You can order this pigment online to add to your favorite slime recipe and make “mood slime” that changes color as you poke and play with it!

  1. Fragrance Oil

Get yourself some fragrance oil that is safe for soap making (or safe for use on the body) and add some to your slime. Take the multisensory experience of slime to the next level with yummy scents and you’ll never want to put it down!


No creative creation is complete without some final touches to perfect the aesthetic — and adding a layer of toppings to your slime can add a new aspect to the usual poke, squeeze, stretch, repeat. Top your gooey mix with some of these eye catching options to add some pizazz to playtime! 

  1. Glitter

What’s the easiest way to spice something up and make it look ready for a party? ADD GLITTER! Lay out your blob and generously sprinkle the top with your favorite color sparkles. Then watch your slime transform as you slowly fold it all together! 

  1. Confetti Shapes

Speaking of party time — let’s throw on some confetti too! Tiny plastic shapes are a fun addition to top your slime and they’re easy to find at most party, craft, and dollar stores. Plus confetti is offered in a huge variety of shapes to suit whatever theme you’re going for! 

  1. Beads

If one color in your slime is just not enough, why not try adding ALL THE COLORS! Top your slimy creations with lots of colorful beads in different shapes and sizes. Not only will they add color — they’ll add awesome texture too once they get mixed in. 

  1. Small Plastic Toys

Bury a small plastic friend at the bottom of your slime container for a fun game of hide and seek! Keep it cute or go totally gross with things like plastic bugs and worms — your only limit is your imagination. 

  1. Polymer Clay Sprinkles

Polymer clay sprinkles can be purchased from a number of retailers online or can be made at home into any shape you desire! That’s the beauty of this topper — it’s totally customizable. 

There’s no shortage of options for fun additives to mix or smoosh into your favorite slime. People are always coming up with new ways to experiment with this gooey stress reliever — so don’t be afraid to try something new! What are your favorite slime add-ins? Let us know in the comments below!