No matter your personality type, we have the perfect slime for you! Collections can be customized to your desire and slimes are not a one-size-fits all, just like your personality traits. Some people enjoy a specific texture over another such as whipped cloud, over jelly and beaded, just the same way some people enjoy the mornings while some people are night owls!  Find out which slime fits your personality below!

Sweet Tooth or Health Nut?

For the Sweet Tooth: Cotton Candy Icecream
If you enjoy dessert any time of day you’ll love this cotton candy-colored and scented slime featuring a delectable looking waffle cone, ice cream scoops, and sprinkles! Looking almost good enough to eat, this cloud-textured slime is intended to keep you engaged in hours of play!

For the Health Nut: Mango Whip

Fruity and sweet, mangoes are a healthy treat while this slime provides stress relief! Soothe your worries by playing with this whipped cream slime.

Early Bird or Night Owl?

For the Early Bird: Honey Butter Toast 

Start your mornings the right way - by playing with this DIY Honey Butter Toast slime complete with Base, Clear Honey, and sprinkles so you can assemble it yourself!

For the Night Owl: Dark Cosmic Luxe

Experience a starry night in the palm of your hands with this clear unscented Dark Cosmic Luxe that will have you sliming all night long to help you unwind from your day!

Hopeless Romantic or Astrology Buff?

For the Hopeless Romantic: Love Spell Gimmer

Calling all cupids! This slime gives all of the love vibes. Bingsu beads and ouija-inspired heart sprinkles will have you casting love spells during hours and hours of playtime!

For the Astrology Buff: Zodiac Glimmer
Scorpios, Cancers, and Pisces, oh my! This glimmer slime is perfect for those that look to the stars and track their rising suns & moons. The cherry lime scent is truly a dazzling compliment to this fun slime. 

Fanboy or Bookworm?

For the Fanboy: Pikachu Fizz

Lemon poppyseed and snowy fizz will choose YOU. This Pikachu Fizz is the ultimate slime for a Pokemon trainer. Make sure you catch em’ all!

For the bookworm: Deathly Hallows 

For the slimer who lived….the ultimate horcrux… This unscented, clear slime will take you to another dimension with hours of play! 

Fashionista or Outdoor Adventurer?

For the Fashionista: Star Girl

Textured like frosting and scented like strawberry candy, this Star Girl slime makes a statement and is the perfect size to fit right in your purse for some quick play time even while out on a shopping spree

For the Outdoor Adventurer: Aruleion Glimmer

Wherever you are exploring the world, the Aruleion Glimmer needs to be packed! A travel essential for any trip for some stress relief during travel or just a fun way to unwind from a long day. Take this slime with you wherever you plan to adventure.

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February 19, 2021