Lavender Haze

Texture: Icee

Scent: Lavender Lemonade

Level: Beginner

All orders come with a care packet which includes activator powder and an instruction card. If slime arrives sticky, follow directions on care card. Slime should not be played with by children under the age of 7, or without adult supervision. Keep slime away from pets, infants, furniture, and clothes. NOTE: All slimes are made using a diluted borax solution.

Customer Reviews

Based on 110 reviews

Smells and feels great!


This slime is super satisfying to mush. It did exactly what i want the texture is like kinetic sand almost but better. Smells nice too and very pretty


For this slime I feel similarly as I did with the Mint Lemon, however the scent kind of threw me. Its not unpleasant but I dont get as much lavender from it as I’d like to, it ends up smelling like detergent for me, and thats probably due to the lavender mixing with the borax. There was bead fallout with the large light purple plastic beads, but I just took them out and had no issues afterwards. Love the look, and it too arrived exactly on time!


I love the texture but to me the scent is not true lavender. It smells like flowery soap. I love the smell of lavender so I was a little sad about that but the texture is probably my favorite.


I honestly don't have anything negative to say about this as a slime. So far no complaints, I've only had it for a day so I cannot speak for the longevity of it. However I have an issue with the fact it's not exactly as pictured and I feel the seller should update the photo or clarify. The hearts and other decorations in the photo are not what it comes with. The decorations were different which ultimately isn't huge but it feels a bit deceptive that the product is not as advertised.