Thank you for your interest in our slime! We hope you enjoy the product as much as we do! 

Please read the following.

1. Slime Is NOT Edible.

Keep Slime away from children under 7 years old. Keep slime away from pets, furniture, clothes, face, etc.

2. If wrong address if given and slime is shipped to given address we are not responsible for shipping costs. 

3. Fragrances are a huge preference detail in slime. Refunds cannot be given for personal preferences. 

4. Textures are preferential. We cannot refund based on personal preference. However please email us at if you have concerns about the texture being different to what was expected.

5. If Slime is sticky follow the directions of the care card given in all orders.

6. If you are sensitive to fragrance or household items such as lotions, glycerin, PVA Glue, do not touch slime.

7. If slight irritation is felt while playing with slime, put slime down and contact us for advice.

8. All slimes are made with borax.

9. Slimes may arrive sticky due to heat while traveling. Follow directions on care card to re-activate slime.

10. Slime Obsidian products are not for resale.

11. International customers are responsible for tariffs/import fees. 

12. All Sales Are Final.