When we buy slime we want it to last forever. Unfortunately it won't, but we can make it last as long as long as possible! We have some helpful tips you can do to help keep your slime around a little longer for you to enjoy. 
Store Slime In A Cool Place
Make sure wherever you store your slime it's not too warm. When slime gets too hot it can start to melt. If your slime melts you may have to reactivate it with some borax solution (sent to you with your slime).
Store In An Airtight Container
When you get your slime from Slime Obsidian it comes in a cleat screw top container. This is one of the best containers to preserve your slime in! The screw lid ensures that there's no air getting into your container and drying out the slime.
Wash Your Hands Before Playing With Slime
Make sure your hands are nice and clean before you play with your slime. Your hands can carry germs and bacteria. When you play with your slime with dirty hands you transfer that bacteria over to your slime.You can easily prevent bacteria growth by washing your hands! 
Don’t Over Play With Your Slime
Try to limit the time you spend playing with your slime. The longer you play with it the more air and germs will get into your slime. This will give it a higher chance of drying out.
November 16, 2020