The start of a new year is the perfect chance to begin building new habits and taking steps to improve your overall well being. For many of us, that could mean finding new ways to decrease stress and anxiety. 

One tool that might surprise you that many people use to help with controlling stress is slime! Similar to a stress ball, squishing and squeezing slime helps release tension. It is also a fully sensory experience that can also help boost blood circulation in the hands. 

Our slimes typically come in a convenient 7oz container, making it easily portable for you to bring them on-the-go for whenever stress may arise. Throw one of your favorite slimes into your bag whenever you’re heading out of the house for a convenient stress-relief or entertainment tool. 

So how exactly does playing with slime help relieve stress? Let’s dive in and learn more. 

  • It Helps You Focus on the Present

  • First and foremost, playing with slime helps with stress relief because it acts as a temporary distraction from worrisome thoughts. The tactile action of squishing and squeezing the slime in your hands gives you a physical activity to focus on, helping your mind deviate from negative thoughts. 

  • It Brings Out Your Inner Child

  • Let’s face it, playing with slime is pure fun! Although playing with slime is great for kids, we also recommend it for adults alike. There’s something magical about bringing out your inner child when playing with our unique slimes. 

  • Unique Colors and Scents Encourage Your Inner Sense of Calm

  • Many of our slimes also include fun scents and colors. Browse through our shop to find one that catches your eye! No matter who you’re shopping for, we’re sure you’ll find a slime that’s the perfect scent and color. If scented slimes aren’t for you, we also offer unscented slimes. We use high-quality aromatherapy scented oils in all of our scented handmade slimes. 

    All of our slimes are sure to calm your nerves and reduce your stress. We want you to have the best year yet with the best stress relief product by your side. You’ll love playing with our handmade slimes, but don’t take our word for it. When you browse our website, be sure to read our reviews to see why our customers love them so much!

    Have a very Happy Slime Obsidian New Year!