For all of our new slimers out there, you might have a few questions on how to get started with your first Slime Obsidian purchase. We’ve put together this guide to give you all the details you need to become a slime expert. Read on!


  • Who is slime for?

Although slime is typically thought of as a kids’ hobby, Slime Obsidian attracts people of all ages! If you are buying slime for kids, be sure to supervise young children to ensure that the slime is not consumed. 

  • What can slime be used for?

Slime has a wide variety of uses! Many people use slime for entertainment, but it can also be used for stress relief, play therapy, and more! To read more about how slime can be used for stress relief, check out this blog post

  • What type of slimes can I shop on Slime Obsidian?

We have a wide variety of slimes available on our online shop. Some of our most popular textures include Jelly slime, Crunchy slime, Cloud Cream slime, and Icee slime. Slime is all about a sensory experience so make sure you pick out the texture that speaks most to you! 

  • How do I preserve my slime?

Slime can become sticky or begin breaking down over time, however, this can be easily fixed! In every order we include a care packet that comes with a packet of activator powder, and an instruction card. Follow the directions on the card to create a solution that can help restore the slime to its desired texture. 


Now you’re ready to begin your slime collection! Browse our shop to find the perfect slime for you. Have more questions about our slime? Feel free to visit our FAQ page and our Instagram page to explore the world of Slime Obsidian.