Candy Corn Whip

Texture: Frosting

Scent: Candy Corn

Level: Beginner

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All orders come with a care packet which includes activator powder and an instruction card. If slime arrives sticky, follow directions on care card. Slime should not be played with by children under the age of 7, or without adult supervision. Keep slime away from pets, infants, furniture, and clothes. NOTE: All slimes are made using a diluted borax solution.

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews

The texture and scent of this are soooo good. It’s so soft and buttery, and inflates extremely well. The scent is like a really light vanilla and honey, not too strong at all.

Love the texture

I just bought the Candy Corn Whip last weekend and received it on Wednesday. It’s been helping me destress throughout the day and I can’t wait to use during my college classes since that’s what I bought it for since I can’t sit still for that many hours and still pay attention. You do have to remove a small amount of the slime to make sure you can actually close the container but other than that I’m in love with it. The texture feels like a marshmallows and the scent is very subtle which I like.

inflates like CRAZY

i LOVE LOVE this slime. this is my first slime from here and its amazing. the bubble pops. the scent. it doesnt rip at all and i feel like i could play with it forever. 10/10 amazing slime and i will for sure be back for more! thank you for these amazing slimes for years and years on end. youre amazing <3

Texture Heaven!

Candy corn is still one of my fav candies, and this smooth, stretchy, luxurious slime completely satisfied my candy corn craving!! (No, I did not taste it🤣)… I adore this slime texture… buttery and easy to manipulate, hold, and to calm my anxiety before bed, or at school (HS & JH teacher, so you understand how valuable slime has become for me)💜💜💜

Smells so good

I luv the scent, it’s definitely candy corn and sugar cookie. It makes me really happy. I also like how much it fluffs up! The charm is great, however it sticks to the slime so it’s difficult to get the slime off it. Its a bit tacky when fluffed up but i love tacky textures!