Popcorn x Slushee Duo

Texture: Variety

Scent: Variety

Level: Beginner

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All orders come with a care packet which includes activator powder and an instruction card. If slime arrives sticky, follow directions on care card. Slime should not be played with by children under the age of 7, or without adult supervision. Keep slime away from pets, infants, furniture, and clothes. NOTE: All slimes are made using a diluted borax solution.

Customer Reviews

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Smells like chemicals, though the slime quality is pretty good.


Personally, I was skeptical of the popcorn, when ordering but let me tell you I have never craved popcorn so much after playing with this slime. I am not usually a big fan of not fruity or sweet smells bit this hit the ball park for me! And the slushy slime is so amazing It smells just like cherries and is a wonderful texture!! Overall perfect duo!!!


the popcorn one feels so nice the foam balls are extraordinary and the smell is amazing. the cherry slushee one i am obsessed with, the texture is so satisfying i can’t put it down and the smell is so sweet 10/10


I was starting to turn away from Slime Obsidian as they tend to repeat themes or smells but this duo recaptured my attention!! I’m not even a fan of snowfizz but this one was done wonderfully and the smell is amazing. The popcorn floam is awesome and my first popcorn scent. I wasn’t disappointed and I hope they keep the price the same for these types of duos because it’s definitely worth it!!

The slushee

I forgot to add the cherry slushee part. Feel free to combine these reviews.

The cherry slushee has a very nice texture too. The scent is very strong on this one but I love it. The two together makes me feel like I’m at the movies. Also, I knew that the duos were smaller containers but they were bigger than I expected. I highly recommend