Tangerine Crystals

Texture: Crystals

Scent: Tangerine

Level: Expert (Rough Texture)

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All orders come with a care packet which includes activator powder and an instruction card. If slime arrives sticky, follow directions on care card. Slime should not be played with by children under the age of 7, or without adult supervision. Keep slime away from pets, infants, furniture, and clothes. NOTE: All slimes are made using a diluted borax solution.

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
one of the best textures ive felt in my life

i will continue looking out for this texture! the crunch is definitely one of the more unique slime crunches, almost like its a softer crunch? due to the beads. it may not be as bubble poppy as like, the bingsu or fishbowl, but its a very hands on slime which i prefer by a lot. i also do love the roughness of the beads, its almost exfoliating in a way lol

as for the base itself, i especially love the scent. its a very sweet, clean orange scent, if i could describe it. the orange color itself is gorgeous! ^^

so much cronch

i love this slime so much!! the perfect amount of orange smell and really is like the real thing. it is a clear slime base, so it will look frothy if you play with it too much (which i am whoops) but the crunches are so satisfying. i love how the beads are slightly different shades and shapes. perfect asmr!

What is this strange thing??

I wasn't sure if I would like the new crystal texture because it's labeled and described as being "rough" but I really wanted an orange-scented slime, too. Well, it is rough, but it's also.... Uhhh... What is this... Satisfyingly gooey in-between the chunks, maybe? I can't stop squishing it. It's in my left hand right now.

My sense of touch is very confused in a delightful way. And the smell? O..m..g.. I want to eat it so bad! The shop has this labeled as Expert, but it's so thick and chunky, that it's very easy to play with. On day 1, anyway. And then it's topped off with an adorable mini tangerine.

I tend to favor the frostings and jelly slimes, but I think this weird, new crystal texture just shot up there among my favorites. Will get more scents if available.