Many people think of slime as that green stuff that came down on contestants' heads during kids' television shows in the 1990s. However, slime has had a resurgence. It's not just a punishment for a game show loser; it's also a tactile and sensory tool that can help people feel better. Many people know that the sounds slime makes are very enjoyable for people who are interested in ASMR. However, slime can have a slew of perks beyond the ASMR benefits for your mental health.

Here is why every adult, whether they are a self-proclaimed slimer or not, can benefit from playing with slime. These mental health perks make slime much more than just a toy—it is a tool for wellness, as well.

What Is Slime?

So, if you're not currently a slimer, you are probably wondering just what is slime, if not the liquid green stuff used in 1990s game shows? The reality is that slime is a tactile sensory play material that is stretchy, soft, and pliable. Slime is also a material you can make at home, and both kids and adults can benefit from having it around. In its most basic form, slime is made from glue, borax, and food coloring (or alternatives like glue, sand, and contact solution), and it's a simple process to create a material that can benefit anyone who has the opportunity to play with it.


The Five Benefits of Slime for Mental Health

Slime is fun because of its interesting texture and ability to make ASMR sounds. However, there's no doubt that it benefits people's mental health, too. Here's how.

1. Calming and Focusing 

Many people who have trouble focusing do better when they have an outlet for their excess energy. Use slime to manipulate and play within your hands so that you can channel your excess energy into the slime and channel your focus into any work you need to be paying attention to.

2. Decreased Anxiety 

Many people who have anxiety often have nervous energy that needs to be released. With slime, you can have a healthy outlet for that built-up energy that causes the uncomfortable physical feelings that accompany anxiety. Any slimer who has slime around to play with knows that it can be an easy way to experience decreased anxiety.

3. Improved Motor Skills

For any young person (or older person) who struggles with fine motor skills, slime can help. Manipulating slime can strengthen motor skills and help people learn to use their hands and fingers to move objects in specific ways. Playing with slime can strengthen hand and finger muscles as well, which has been shown to be a component of boosting motor skills in anyone who needs some improvement.

4. Increased Mindfulness

Mindfulness is the practice of being present in the current moment and keenly aware of sensations that are happening in the here and now. If anyone is working on increasing mindfulness in their life, slime can help. You can develop your mindfulness skills by holding the slime in your hands — describing its texture, temperature, movement, and more. Slime presents such a tactile, sensory experience that it's a good practice tool for anyone who wants to sharpen their perception of how things feel in the moment.

5. Released Tension

Have you ever seen someone squeezing a sand-filled stress ball to help alleviate tension? Slime can do something similar for anyone experiencing stress or tension. Slime is a tool that can help release tense muscles, lead to relaxation, and decrease any physical symptoms of stress by giving you a physical outlet through which you can discharge that stress through your hands.

Slime: Great for Sensory Play, ASMR, and Mental Health

Now you know how slime can be both fun and great for your mental health. If you want to get your hands on some slime without having to make it on your own, check out the slime selections on Slime Obsidian. On Slime Obsidian, you can pick out your favorite slime texture and scent, so you end up with the slime that feels best for you. Not only can you start experiencing the fun that slime can provide to any slimer, but you can see how your mental health improves as you play with slime as well.

Not sure which texture of slime to choose for yourself? Get started by reading more about them here. Once you know which one will most appeal to your senses, order some slime of your own, then get started benefiting from all of its mental health perks.