Slime Obsidian provides hours of squishy fun and enjoyment. However, following a specific slime care routine is essential to keep the product in top shape so your slime lasts practically forever. 

Once you acquire your very own slime from Slime Obsidian, you’ll see that it comes with an activator pack. There lies the magic behind its longevity! The activator pack provides all the special ingredients your slime needs to retain its perfectly squishy goodness. 


The importance of Slime Care

Your slime starts squishy and flexible, making it perfect for most environments. You can safely feel the slime wobbling in your hands through ASMR and sensory experiences. Chances are, you won’t face any trouble initially since the slime “snaps back” into shape quite easily without losing its consistency. 

However, your slime will start losing its consistency over time through exposure to different temperatures and environments. Elements might attach themselves to your slime’s surface, resulting in different types of damage. These might cause your slime to lose its stretchiness, become crumbly, start melting, or shed some of its original composition. 


How to Use the Activator Pack?

The activator pack contains a specially formulated powder that helps you “regenerate” parts of your slime. You can put it to use in no time by mixing the activator powder with a cup of warm water. Make sure the water is not too hot or cold as the temperature affects the mixture's effectiveness. 

Upon mixing, keep stirring until the powder fully dissolves. Now you've got yourself a potent slime-repairing elixir. Simply add ½ teaspoon of the mixture to damaged parts of your slime until you reach the desired texture. You will have your favorite sensory slime back in shape before you know it! 


Slime Damage Control 

As the saying goes, prevention is always better than cure. The same philosophy applies to slime care. Optimal storage and handling are crucial for increasing the lifespan of your precious slime. While it is inevitable that slime will gradually lose its original consistency with use, there are some measures to reduce the rate of wear.  


Keep Your Hands Clean
Keeping your hands clean before handling slime can significantly increase product life. Consider washing your hands with soap and running warm water before touching slime to prevent contact with grease, dirt, and other impurities that may contaminate the product


Play on Clean Surfaces
Similarly, you can reduce the risks of product contamination and damage by playing with your slime on clean surfaces. Consider gently wiping a surface with non-alcohol wet wipes or a wet towel before laying your slime on it. 
Proper Storage
Frequently check that the lid of your Slime Obsidian container remains adequately sealed when not in use. Environmental pollutants such as dirt and dust might enter a poorly closed container, resulting in opportunistic contamination. 
Always use an airtight container to minimize the risk of contamination. Also, your slime is temperature-sensitive, so avoid places that are too hot or cold, which reduces the consistency of the product. We highly recommend room temperature storage at all times. 


Reactive Your Slime Frequently
You should check on your slime’s consistency every few weeks to ensure its ideal texture. If you feel a change in your slime’s squish and texture, it’s time for some re-activation with the activator pack! 


Slime Treatments to the Rescue!

You will likely observe various slime issues gradually, with prolonged play. The good news is that you can remedy these problems with the handy dandy activator formula and some expert techniques in slime care. 


Lack of Stretchiness or Firmness
Your slime will lose its stretchiness through over-activation or when exposed to cold environments and temperatures. In the worst cases, your slime may feel hardened, which won’t work for therapeutic ASMR or sensory experiences. 
Transfer your slime to a warmer storage area and check its consistency over time. Keep checking on the product’s stretchiness until it reaches the ideal texture. If the texture remains relatively unchanged, you might need to shift your slime to a different location. 


Melting or Sticky Sensation 
Slime may start to “melt” into a jello-like consistency over time through general use and storage. In this scenario, the Slime Obsidian activator pack will be the perfect solution to restore your slime’s squishy texture. 


Crumbly Mess
If your slime feels old and crumbly, it probably means that it has undergone prolonged play or overexposure to the environment. You may apply a simple lotion to re-hydrate your slime and replenish its “youthful” appearance.  


Optimal Slime Care 

Now that you have the tools and knowledge as a master slimer, it is time to put it all into practice! Your Slime Obsidian slime requires regular and dedicated care to keep it in perfect play-worthy shape. 

Neglecting your slime product can result in an unwanted surprise when you finally take the product out of the container after a long time. So go ahead, put your beautiful and colorful slime to good use. Enjoy the sensation of running the slime through your hands and fingers. You might be giving it the tender loving care it needs!

It's time to use your newfound knowledge on slimes from Slime Obsidian!