Thanks to the popularity of ASMR, slimes are more popular than ever today. These incredible products allow the user to experience various textures and sounds to induce relaxation and encourage calmness.

Our slimes are perfect for stress relief and come in a wide range of colors with multiple fun textures and scents. Check out these perfect fall-themed slimes and find some that celebrate the season and make experimenting with various types more fun than ever.


Pumpkin Pie Slime

Do you love fall? Well, you're in luck because you can get your very own pumpkin pie slime from Slime Obsidian. Our homemade slimes are perfect for welcoming this terrific season and harnessing the power of fun textures and appealing sounds with relaxing effects. Playing with slimes is a great way to relax and increase your enjoyment as you pull, stretch and squish these visually appealing products.

You can also get incredible fall vibes with the pumpkin pie slime that smells like the iconic fall favorite dessert we all love. What a great way to enjoy anxiety relief!
This fun and festive new addition is perfect for fall lovers and is on par with Halloween and Thanksgiving. Get one for yourself or snag a few for you and your friends to enjoy too. 

Candy Corn Softie Slime

Anyone who loves fall and Halloween will love the new candy corn softie slime. This product not only features one of the most loved Halloween candy selections of all time - the colorful and delicious candy corn - but it is also a fun way to celebrate the season while getting all the benefits of slime-induced fun and relaxation.

Our handmade slimes are designed to be pulled and stretched to help increase visual and touch-related stimulation. They are so fun and festive, you'll want to make sure you have a few on hand everywhere you go. All of our products at Slime Obsidian are created from safe, high-quality materials and are perfect for a treat to yourself or your friends.

Cinnamon Roll Slime

Anyone who loves fall and the cooler weather probably loves the smell of fresh cinnamon rolls. They are an essential of the season and welcome fond memories of a heavenly sweet treat. Now you can get the great smell of cinnamon rolls and the fun textures of our top-quality homemade slime from Slime Obsidian.

Our slimes are perfect for relaxation and enjoyment and are meant to be squished, pressed, stretched, and pulled. They provide stimulating sounds and unique textures, combined with the festive scents that make our newest additions to our slime line so enjoyable.

Get one of these great new fall-themed slimes and help welcome the season with the incredible scent of a cinnamon roll. They're an excellent purchase for your collection and also great for giving to a friend or other slime enthusiast.

Get Your Fall Slimes Today

Join us in the fun of fall, Halloween, and Thanksgiving-inspired slimes and collect them all! They are fun to touch, squish and mold. They also make intriguing sounds and offer unique textures meant to help induce relaxation wherever you go.

Take some time to check these new arrivals that reflect all your favorite things about this festive time of the year. Not only do we have a great new fall-themed lineup, but we also have a huge variety of other slimes that have many colors, textures, and fun features. Please browse through our selections to discover fun new slimes to add to your collection or give as a gift.

October 26, 2021