Hello, fellow slimers! I'm Jacob Karram, founder of Slime Obsidian. If you're here, you're probably just like me: a huge fan of slime. Props to you for being able to pull yourself away from slime videos long enough to check out this blog! 
As a slime founder, my small business is rooted in my love of slime. As you explore our product offerings and read about our history, I hope you're able to see that passion shining through! I feel so fortunate to turn my hobby into my career. I hope Slime Obsidian can help to connect you, your friends, and your family members to your next obsession and spark your own creativity. 


The History of Slime Obsidian
My path to discovering slime might be pretty similar to yours. It seemed like every time I opened Instagram, there was an endless feed of satisfying slime videos that I couldn't tear my eyes away from. I was 17 at the time and content to chill in my bedroom, consuming hours upon hours of slime content. 


It wasn't long, however, before I wanted to get more involved in the slime community. The different variations on slime recipes fascinated me, and the "ingredients" that different creators would add were amazing. To me, slime seemed to be the most fun combination of science and cooking. Because I've always loved trying new things out in the kitchen, I was thrilled by the idea of slime giving me a whole new genre of "baking" to explore!


Once I made my own slime, I recorded videos for my social media. As it turned out, I wasn't the only person who loved looking at my slime! I soon had reached over 200,000 followers and a whole community of people who wanted to join in on the slime fun. I knew I had an opportunity to start a business and share the joy with fellow slimers. 


Jacob Karram on Founding Slime Obsidian

When Slime Obsidian first began, I had no idea how many people we'd be able to reach. I started with only $100 to invest in slime-making supplies. However, our operation quickly grew beyond my bedroom in Boca Raton, Florida. Slime Obsidian's high-quality slimes were in high demand, and thousands of orders were coming in every week. It seemed as though, like the best slimes, our reach was beginning to stretch, and stretch, and stretch! 


I left college and moved Slime Obsidian into a 2,500 sq. ft. warehouse. We were able to keep the operation local to Florida but were soon shipping slimes all over the world. 


Managing Slime Obsidian has meant so much to me. Not only does it allow me to do what I love as a job, but I can share slime's amazing benefits with every customer that checks out my business! Here are some perks you might not know about. 


Facts About Slime
We all know that playing with slime is a ton of fun, but did you know that it also has mental health benefits? Engaging with slime or watching content from other slimers can relieve stress and reduce anxiety


Another fun fact about slime is that it can help develop or improve fine motor skills. As you play, finger and hand muscles are strengthened and become more agile. 
With all these wonderful aspects of slime, it's no wonder our products are enjoyed by children and adults. Slime makes for a subtle fidget during endless work meetings, and it can be a good distraction if you're looking to kick a habit. 
Finally, although slime had a resurgence in popularity through Instagram, we have to recognize its original creator. Mattel (the same company that makes toys like Barbies, Hot Wheels, and Fisher Price!) first marketed "GAK" in 1976. The neon green slime was popular for pranks and a hit at the time.


My small business took this first idea and made it more customizable, longer-lasting, with a less goopy texture. 


Slime Obsidian Fast Facts
  • Slime Obsidian had a long journey to its current warehouse. It started in my bedroom, moved to my parent's garage, and then it was briefly housed in a duplex.

  • For a while, I didn't know Slime Obsidian would be a full-time gig — or that I would be a full-time slimer! I split my time between the business and painting houses. Now, I work about 60 hours per week managing my small business.

  • Kim Kardashian is a fan! I woke up to a DM sharing the Kardashian kids' favorite slime trends. When I sent over a custom package, Kim shared the products on her story! 


Join the Slime Obsidian Family
Needless to say, my work as a slime founder has transformed my life. Beyond just becoming my career, slime has allowed me to explore my creativity, manage stress, and make new friends. I'm confident it can do the same for you!


By the way, we do slime drops bi-weekly and have a huge inventory. Explore our collection to find your perfect slime match. My story's the proof: You never know where slime could take you!