Millions of children in the United States have been diagnosed with attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). This condition is one of the most common childhood neurodevelopmental disorders. Although this disorder is usually diagnosed in children, symptoms often last into adulthood. Data shows that ADHD prevalence in children aged 18 is approximately 7.2% worldwide. Following the screening of individuals in ten countries, it is estimated that the prevalence among adults is 3.4%. However, rates may be higher. 


The key is to develop management techniques to improve attention, impulsivity, and hyperactive behavior. Although many treatment options are available, including family therapy, social skills training, and behavioral therapy, activities and toys can also help children and adults living with ADHD.


One such option is slime — an explosive trend that is here to stay! 


How Slime Can Benefit Kids and Adults With ADHD

A few years ago, social media users couldn't get enough of slime content — and today, slimers continue to flock to Instagram to see what's new in the #slimecommunity. 


Although you may automatically associate slime with green, goopy mush, today's trending slime is anything but that. Creative individuals make slime that ranges in texture, looking like anything from gel to soft toffee. People can't get enough of these beautiful combinations, whether the latest creation incorporates glitter, beads, or swirling colors.


For anyone, slime is fun and interesting to play with. However, it is particularly beneficial to certain groups, including those who live with ADHD. It's a product that can be very soothing, so it's also often recommended to individuals with autism.  

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Of course, there is never a "one-size-fits-all" approach to treating and managing symptoms of ADHD. However, many individuals with ADHD have found that slime is calming, helping them reduce feelings of anxiety. When offered to children, slime supports their development through sensory play, and for adults, playing with slime can help individuals focus and stay grounded in the present moment. 


Since this trend first began, it has caught the attention of researchers. Although there is a lack of peer-reviewed studies, many experts have expressed the potential link between slime and improved mental health. For example, grounding techniques are often used by mental health professionals to target symptoms of anxiety. All aspects of playing with slime follow those of grounding techniques, triggering calming signals in the brain. 



Slime Can Also Be Used As a Fidget Toy

Children and adults with ADHD have been shown to benefit from mindfulness practices. Research suggests that mindful meditation can help train the brain to concentrate and focus, specifically benefiting those with ADHD. 


Slime is a potential tool to help individuals bring mindfulness into their everyday lives. 


This concept goes hand-in-hand with fidget toys. Although many people use these toys, regardless of whether or not they have ADHD, fidget toys often target individuals with anxiety, ADHD, and autism. These toys provide a sensory experience that helps individuals unlock creativity, relax their minds, and concentrate. 


Research shows that "fidgeting" may help individuals with ADHD increase concentration levels. Fidget toys are seen by many as just that — a toy. However, these "toys" provide therapeutic benefits for many children and adults. When given something to fidget with, users give their hands or bodies something to do, allowing their brains to focus more easily on the task at hand — whether at school, home, or work. 


Although many associate fidget toys with fidget spinners, these toys encompass anything that helps someone regulate their need for touch and movement. These self-regulation tools help kids and adults focus, remain calm, pay attention, and listen. Slime fits into this category, and since it can be squished and stretched into infinite shapes, it offers quiet handheld stimulation. 


Slime comes in different textures and smells so that individuals can pick the perfect combination for them. With so many options and the ability to choose the ideal slime based on individual preferences, this "fidget toy" is also beneficial for many individuals on the autism spectrum or those with sensory disorders. Whether you need something to help you focus, concentrate, or learn, having slime in your hand to squish and fidget with may be the solution. 



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